Making Exceptions

When we embarked on our year long so called “spending lockdown”, we took the time to list our guidelines , which basically came down to want v. need. Three months into it, we often find ourselves facing a judgement call as to whether to spend outside the set parameters. Ninety percent of the time, we decide against it. Our rationale is that once we make one exception, it’s going to be easy to make another exception, and another, and another, up to the point, we wouldn’t be sacrificing much anymore. We are trying to modify our behavioral patterns which tend to be quite lenient with money, so we have to stick it out, no matter how tough.

With that being said, we have made a couple of exceptions. One is that we decided to give each other a birthday pass, so that on our birthdays, we can partake in one activity outside our spending guidelines. C’mon, it’s our birthday, that’s not too unreasonable…right? The second exception we recently made, was that once a month, we will eat at the tacqueria that we used to frequent and is across the street from our apartment. We came to this agreement after realizing that the owner, who we’ve become friendly with over the years, probably thought we had a problem with his food or service thus abruptly ditching his restaurant. Last week, we grasped the value of our decision when we entered the tacqueria and the owner’s eyes lit up. He greeted us with genuine enthusiasm and let us know he missed seeing us. We explained to him our money saving endeavors, but let him know, to his great liking, that the tacqueria was going to be the one exception to our dining out. Not only is the food affordable and delicious, but it’s a neighborhood establishment that benefits from our business - no doubt, a win-win situation. 

12 September 2011 ·

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