Freelance Roller Coaster

After such stellar savings last month, we’ve been feeling a little down on our projected savings for this month. I’m proud of our super September savings, but I also hesitate to be boastful. The figure was inflated for us, and it’s also a reflection of my husband’s freelance work lifestyle. He relies on payments as he completes jobs so we never experience a regular pay cycle. I don’t think we realized how unsteady this was until starting the spending lockdown. 

Sometimes we hear people romanticize how wonderful it must be to freelance and work from home. I’m not sure if they realize the general feeling of instability that’s also part of this lifestyle. Not to mention, benefits aren’t included. I’ve read in recent news reports that freelance is a growing industry, but I don’t think it’s a chosen one by most freelancers. In this down economy, more and more companies are hiring freelancers for temporary work projects in an attempt to avoid offering employee benefits. I understand where companies are coming from, but there needs to be more affordable freelance health insurance options so we aren’t paying extreme out of pocket expenses for personal healthcare. 

In spite of all that, we still manage to save money. Just being aware of our irregular income situation is half the battle. It forces us to plan and allocate money in a monthly budget prepared at the beginning of every month. Clearly, this is something we avoided in our past which led us to credit card debt. We’re finally learning the benefits of a little self-discipline.

12 October 2011 ·

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